Showin’ some love for Everett Police

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted January 27, 2009

The Everett Herald published a letter written by Dr. Amy Norman, an Everett dentist and Sonitrol Pacific client, praising the efforts of the Everett Police Department.

I echo many of Dr. Norman’s sentiments. The Sonitrol Pacific Everett team works closely with the EPD in crime reduction initiatives and always have positive interactions with them. In 2008, Everett officers arrested 25 suspects from Sonitrol Pacific protected sites. Every time we call, the officers respond with speed and professionalism.

Dr. Norman wrote:
Business appreciates commitment of police

I moved my office into a new location on 41st Street just off of Colby a year and a half ago. I had been informed that there was a history of activity in and around my new location, including trespassing, graffiti and other vandalism. I believed then and I believe now, that a lively and attractive community attracts businesses, criminals and the homeless. In other words, one is an indicator of the other.

However, I also believe that the community shares the burden and responsibility of working with law enforcement to maintain the balance that made this city attractive in the first place. To that end, my team and I have been working closely with the Everett Police Department to communicate any suspicious activity.

Our issues have been minor and infrequent, but every call has been handled with what we perceive to be high priority. Each of the officers we have spoken with seemed genuinely concerned for us and the business and sincere in their desire to prevent future crime in our area.

A standout in our interactions with the police department has been Capt. Bill Deckard.

His follow-through and contact have been excellent; even checking in during periods of inactivity to make sure that all is calm. Also impressive have been Deputy Chief Greg Lineberry and Chief of Police Jim Scharf.

I commend the force for the vision and training to achieve such a top-to-bottom level of commitment to decreasing crime, and I also praise the personal work ethic of the individuals who follow through.

Thank you to Capt. Deckard and the rest of the officers for the great service to our community.