Sherwood Schools: Sonitrol Pacific "A very professional and experienced company"

A letter from Pierre Dehaze with Sherwood Schools.

“To whom it may concern,

I personally have had the pleasure of working with Sonitrol Pacific for the past nine and a half years. The District had their services for some years before I came aboard. They are a very professional and experienced company. All of their staff are well trained and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.

At this time we have security monitoring at six of eight sites with Sonitrol Pacific. The security system at the other two sites was installed per recommendations of a past project manager who is no longer with the District. As funds are availabe in the future, I would like to bring these two sites onto the Sonitrol system. We also have card key access and video surveillance at four of our sites and are planning on adding these services at the last two Sonitrol sites this summer.

Due to the company having an in-house monitoring center, we have no issues with alarms. They have a professioinal staff that have learned to know the little quirks of our District and responders. When changes need to be made to door schedules and card access, it is quick and clean with no issues.

Installations of new systems or additions and changes are always done in a professional manner. Disturbances to the classroom are kept to a minimum if the work needs to be made during classroom hours, but for the majority of the time, work is done during non-classroom time. Their technicians keep everything very organized and leave the work site cean and safe.

I highly recommend any organization thinking of contracting the services of Sonitrol Pacific for all of your security needs. The cost is a little more for the monthly monitoring service, but for my peace of mind at knowing the security system is well taken care of it is worth it. Any issues are immediately addressed.


Pierre Dehaze
Director of Maintenance and Custodial Services”