Sonitrol Pacific security: sending bad guys to jail

On September 24, our security system at Judd & Black in Everett, Was. detected a burglary in progress.  Police responded in force (more than 20 officers) and arrested two men they caught hauling out flat-screen TVs.  Today, John Hoelzel, Judd & Black Everett Manager, sent  Summer Felker, his Sonitrol Pacific Customer Service Representative, a note of thanks.



I would just like to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciate your company’s quick dispatcher Police response time.  As you are aware we had a break-in during the wee hours in the morning of September 24th, the Sonitrol response time was so quick to the Everett Police that one suspect was arrested & the other went to the hospital (after their vehicle collided with a retaining wall), then arrested.  We were able to collect our merchandise with minimal damage/loss.  We appreciate the professionalism & quick response by the dispaters there at Sonitrol – without it we were certain to have a total loss on the product & no bad guys in jail.

Thanks again

John Hoelzel
Everett Store Manager”

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