Security Systems for Salons | Burglary in Gresham

On Saturday (Nov. 30), a Gresham spa was bustling with activity, but not from Black Friday shoppers who were looking to relieve their tired muscles. Instead, a burglar made his way inside in order to wreak havoc on the normally serene environment. At 2:45 in the morning, Operator Mike Young received audio activations from the salon’s back room. He could hear loud, sharp bangs followed by crashing and breaking. He dispatched Gresham PD to scene as a burglary in progress. Mike continued hearing someone inside smashing things while police were en route. Police arrived and found the subject inside the building. Needless to say, the burglar left the spa feeling more stressed (and more handcuffed) than when he came in…

**UPDATE**The business owner said she is “very happy… and glad that she has Sonitrol.”  The perpetrator did extensive damage in the time that he was in her place.  He broke windows and trashed everything.  The business owner was amazed that anyone could have done so much damage in such a short time.  She feels that if it were not for Sonitrol Pacific, there is no telling what the outcome would have been.  The perpetrator was arrested on two counts of burglary plus assaulting an officer during the incident.  When officers asked him questions, his response was that he wanted to raise some hell.

Security systems for salons and spas are critical to the protection of expensive equipment and products, as well as to the prevention of damage to the building like in this recent arrest. It would be hard to relax in an environment with obvious damage like broken windows or missing chairs. Audio detection systems like the one installed at this spa helped detect the criminal activity at its earliest point and led to a much faster police response. To find out more about audio detection or other types of security for salons and spas, please give us a call or email us.