Security Systems from Sonitrol Pacific for Doctor’s Offices: Giving Patients the Best

Recently, I was out to breakfast with my mother and overheard a young woman speaking about doctors she had recently gone to work for.  I found it interesting as these doctors take time with their patients and almost never see more than twelve patients a day.  This is such a wonderful concept I just had to talk to her about these doctors and find out more.

Wouldn’t we all love to find a doctor who would care enough about you as a person to want the first visit with you to be an hour long and to know you as a person?  As I listened I did find out that these doctors do not take insurance, but they have ways for you to either set up an account where you pay by the month or a six month fee or even a year.  After talking and listening, this young women gave me her card.

At that point, I wondered what kind of doctor’s office security system they had.  They were getting ready to leave and so even though I did not have a lot of time, I gave her my business card and told her I was sure they had some kind of security, but if they would like to have the best to please give my card to them and we would provide the best security system for a doctor’s office.

Often medical care providers think their offices aren’t on interest to burglars.  Unfortunately, this isn’t true.  Clinics are seen as a source for pharmaceuticals and private patient information.  Savvy burglars target physicians’ paper and electronic records to harvest details on individuals for ID theft.  In addition to doctor’s office security systems, healthcare clinics benefit from access control systems that stop people from going into rooms with sensitive information, like patient record rooms and server rooms.

Securing patient records is one more way doctors and dentists can create a boutique experience and make sure their patients are not only healthy but safe as well.