Security Systems for Diners | Arrest in Portland

Minta Christopherson 2008Burglars are loving Southeast Portland lately – an arrest yesterday marked the second apprehension in that part of town in two days. At around midnight, Minta received an alarm from the main entry door of a diner, with audio of metallic clattering. She dispatched Portland PD and continued to advise them of movement on site. Minta could hear on the police scanner that officers were surrounding the building and catching glimpses of someone inside. One suspect was arrested.

Security systems for dinersSecurity systems for diners and other restaurants that are open primarily for breakfast and lunch can be a great asset for protecting not only the business but employees as well. When cooks and waitstaff arrive at a diner between four and six a.m., they put themselves at considerable risk for personal harm. Walking through dark parking lots, fumbling with keys at the door and being alone in the building can make them vulnerable.
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In the arrest described above, it could have easily been the case that if the diner did not have a security system, no one would have known that an intruder was in the building and employees would have come to open the business. Being alone inside with the suspect could have been very dangerous for that employee. Installing a diner security system not only alerts police and the proprietor to an intrusion, but can also keep intruders out once employees are inside. Our systems offer a perimeter-only mode that allows free movement inside one the system is disarmed but will trip if someone tries to come through an outer door or window. If your diner or restaurant could use a security solution that protects your people and building, please let us know. Nothing makes us happier than keeping people safe.

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