Security system detects burglar, school gives thanks

Operator Denise Smith

Operator Denise Smith

The Thanksgiving Day burglary of portable classroom at a Puget Sound area school was interrupted by police and the suspect arrested after Sonitrol Pacific detected the threat.

Operator Denise Smith was monitoring the school’s security system and received an impact-activated audio alert a little after 4 p.m.  Smith heard suspicious sounds inside the portable classroom and, despite unusual noise due to stormy weather, she determined someone was trying to break-in.  Lake Stevens Police were dispatched.

While officers were on their way, Smith heard banging noises and more sounds indicating someone was inside the building.

Police arrived on the school campus in about three minutes of Smith’s call.  They located a broken window at one of the school portables and a person who climbed into the room through it.  He was arrested.