Office Building Security: 17 Easy Steps to Safety

Wondering how you can increase employee safety and your building’s security without expensive equipment? Barbara Hamlin, our Director of Customer Service in Portland, created these 17 action items to make sure your office building’s security is as high as possible for the lowest cost.

1. Ensure there are multiple trespassing/no loitering signs in parking areas and that they are visible.
2. Check to make sure the name of the company and address are clearly visible for police responders.
3. Post emergency response numbers near the building’s entry.
4. Attach building lighting adequately so that it reaches all areas.
5. Don’t plant trees right next to the building. These may allow for roof access by burglars.
6. Put away all unsecured ladders or other means of roof access.
7. Install cameras and peepholes at loading area doors to prevent armed intruders.
8. Do not leave roll-up doors open and unattended. These entice robbers, burglars and transients.
9. Are there rocks around the building? Rocks can be tools to break building or car windows.
10. Keep ashtrays and trash cans in areas inaccessible to the public to dissuade transients.
11. Overgrown bushes around parking areas provide hiding places and block police scrutiny.
12. In parking areas, opt for more lights, not less.
13. Go incognito. Parking spaces marked with employee names or titles invite vandalism and assault.
14. Lock trash and recycling dumpsters.
15. Keep the outdoor areas near your building well groomed and free of trash.
16. Keep the parking lot free of abandoned vehicles or RV residents, which may harbor unwelcome guests.
17. Make sure that your security decals are visible on windows and doors and that they are not faded, which gives the impression of an outdated system.


For more suggestions for how you can improve your office building security, you can schedule a no-pressure assessment at your facility. One of our experts will walk through your space and point out areas for improvement as well as explain how a verified security system can protect you and your employees.