Security for Office Parks: You Might Not Have What You Think, Call Sonitrol Pacific

Yesterday’s Sonitrol Pacific apprehension at an office park in Portland stemmed from a burglar’s tospy-turvy path up the roof, down the vent, through the bathroom and into the lobby of one of the businesses. At 8:30 last night, Bricia received alarms from the door in a suite followed by audio of banging. She dispatched Portland Police and the property management security service. The police department called back and advised that they had one in custody.

This morning, customer service representative Marla followed up and learned that at least four officers and a K-9 responded to the dispatch along with a ladder truck from the fire department. The suspect made his way on the roof of the building and then dropped down through a vent into the attic. He found a hatch leading to the main floor women’s bathroom and then kicked his way through the door into a dental office. He rifled through all of the dental equipment and damaged cabinet locks. He then found himself locked in the suite and was able to kick through the bathroom door to access the roof the way he came in. Once he was on the roof, officers spotted him and were able to successfully chase him down. He admitted to being guilty of another break-in as well.

Some business owners think that being in an office park gives them automatic security because most of their walls are concealed from the outside or because of an onsite security guard. This apprehension goes to show that a determined burglar will go to almost any length to get in, even if it means tunneling through the vent. Sonitrol Pacific can provide extensive security for office parks, including managed access control and fire monitoring.