Security audio of voices leads to burglar in custody

Alarm verification expert, Jessica Culver

Police arrested a man suspected of breaking into a Puget Sound medical office after officers received a call from Sonitrol Pacific for an audio verified  alarm October 16.

Operator Jessica Culver received the activation of the audio based security system at MultiCare in Auburn just after 4:00 a.m.  She heard sounds of movement followed by a muffled voice and called the clinic’s security guard service.  The guard let Culver know he would be delayed in getting to the building and asked she call Auburn Police, which she did.

Culver continued to monitor live audio inside MultiCare while police were on their way to keep them informed about what was happening.  She heard a second man talking and banging noises.

Police arrived within four minutes of receiving Culver’s call.  The intruders heard officers and ran.  A police dog tracked down one of the suspected burglars and arrested him.

According to police, the intruders got inside and attempted to bypass the alarm system by cutting a window out of its frame.  While this would have worked for regular burglar alarms with window/door contacts, Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system gives wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling protection.

Special “thanks” to the Auburn Police Department.

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