Security audio of creaking door = dispatch, arrest

Alarm verification expert, Jessica Culver

Security audio of a creaking door heard by a Sonitrol Pacific operator led to the arrest of one man suspected of burglarizing a Portland area auto body shop October 27.

Operator Jessica Culver received an alert from the security system at Kadel’s Auto Body in Gresham just after 5:00 a.m.  Listening to live audio in the shop, Culver heard a door creak and called a security guard to investigate.  Moments later, she heard what sounded like someone hurriedly going through drawers and Culver called Gresham Police.

Police arrived at Kadel’s in less than seven minutes of receiving Culver’s call and confronted a man inside the shop.  The suspect was taken into custody.

According to police, the man was trying to break into cars when he decided to see if he could get inside the shop.  He found a door he could get through.  He had pocketed some cash, knives and other items from the business when police caught him.  No damage was done and all the stolen items will be returned.

“Thank you for dispatching right away,” said Kirk Nelson of Kadel’s Auto Body.

Special “thanks” to the Gresham Police Department.

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