Security Alarms for Dealerships

Dealerships of all kinds face many security risks to their valuable merchandise. Glass-enclosed show rooms, exterior lots and service centers are all full of valuable items such as merchandise and parts that are are highly susceptible to theft and vandalism. Criminals can find their way around traditional motion-based security systems by breaking in through unconventional entry points. That’s precisely why Sonitrol Pacific offers better alarms for car dealerships.

Car dealerships

Last summer, an intruder at a car dealership in Gladstone, Ore. learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay. On July 21 at three in the morning, Joe, an Operator in our Verification Center, received activations from the car dealership alarm at the service entry door of the dealership, followed by motion activations near the car parts storage area. Joe could hear movement and the delay door beeping. He dispatched the Clackamas County Sheriff and alerted the site responders. Officers arrived and found the suspect inside the building. The man resisted arrest and was maced before being taken into police custody.

Sonitrol Pacific car dealership alarms are audio impact activated. When an activation occurs, Sonitrol Pacific operators familiar with your business listen to live audio transmissions from the dealership to verify the nature of the event and immediately dispatch police.