Scraping, prying noises lead to dispatch, arrest

Kris Etheridge

Police arrested a serial burglar inside a Stanwood home after a Sonitrol Pacific operator heard threatening noises over the audio security sensors August 19.

Operator Kris Etheridge received an alert from the home with security audio of scraping and prying sounds. She immediately called Stanwood Police.

An officer arrived at the home in minutes, saw someone inside and called for back up. Five Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies and four Washington State Patrol Officers responded to the call.

Police caught one suspect inside the home. A police dog was used to track down a second suspect hiding in the bushes outside the home. One person was from the Stanwood area and the other was from the Olympia area. Both suspects had warrants out for their arrest.

According to police, the man removed a door knob and pried open a window to get inside the home.

The home, in a remote location and regularly left vacant, has been a frequent target for break-ins. The Sonitrol Pacific team is happy this offender is now off the streets.