School’s VHS tapes tempt three

Operator Michael Young

Police apprehended two juveniles and one adult suspected of breaking into a Puget Sound area school to take a couple VHS tapes after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected them October 24.

Monitoring Operator Michael Young received the impact-activated audio alert from the school around 10:30 p.m.  He heard faint bangs followed by sounds of movement and called police.

When police arrived, they found where someone had broken into the school and a car in the parking lot with the engine still warm.  However, no intruders were located during a search of the school.

When leaving the school, officers saw the windows of the car were now fogged up.  They detained the person hiding inside.

A police dog was used to track down two more suspects.  Upon being caught, the two admitted to breaking into the school.

All three were taken into custody.

The suspects got inside the school by tearing off fiber board and breaking a window.  Once inside the school, they took a couple VHS tapes.