School vandals caught by audio sensors

Michael Young, award winning operator, takes care of Sonitrol Pacific clients.

Two people suspected of vandalizing a Washington middle school were caught after Sonitrol Pacific detected a threat August 12.

Just after 11 p.m., Operator Michael Young received an activation from the  security sensors in the school’s west wing area.  Young followed the city’s burglar alarm ordinance protocol, then dispatched police.

Officers arrived at the school within five minutes of Young’s call.  They located two individuals and took them into custody.  Rocks were thrown to shatter two windows, but the glass didn’t fall out and no one went inside the school.

School personnel suspect these same people were responsible for previous vandalism at the school.  Since these juveniles were apprehended, no further vandalism has occurred at the school.

Special “thanks” to the Lakewood Police Department.

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