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You can have the best security and stay within your budget. Gain protection against fire, theft, vandalism and unwanted visitors for your school with a Sonitrol Pacific integrated system. We've been protecting schools and universities in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Boise since 1978.

Our School Security Specialists assess your vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate, cost effective systems to protect your students, staff, facilities and campus. We deliver solutions for emergency communication systems, access control, intrusion detection, cctv and fire monitoring customized for the unique challenges of schools and universities.

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Everett Public Schools Testimonial

View the testimonial below about why the Everett School District saves more money with Sonitrol Pacific than with ADT.

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No one knows better than educators that schools and universities have become increasingly vulnerable to crime and violence. A school is three times more likely to be burglarized than a business, and vandalism costs schools more than $1 billion a year. Safety concerns take up significant time and attention. Our experts can help you.

Access Control

Controlling and monitoring traffic into buildings and sensitive areas is critical to school security. Sonitrol Pacific's Access Control systems allow educators and administrators to limit access to designated areas or throughout facilities by time of day, employee, or other criteria and can report all activity in protected areas by individual to deliver a vital management tool.

Audio Detection Security

Vandals, trespassers and thieves can't hide from Sonitrol Pacific. Our unique audio detection approach provides comprehensive coverage and detects attempted break-ins through ceilings, walls, doors and windows. The moment questionable sounds are detected, the system will alert a Sonitrol Pacific Operator in our Everett, Verification Center®. Our highly trained sound analysts determine the nature of the threat and contact the appropriate authorities.

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SonaVision Video Surveillance

Sonitrol Pacific's camera systems offer daytime video surveillance, emergency-only surveillance, night-time recording, alarm-activated recording and many more video monitoring options. Our School Security Specialists will work with you to find the right system to accomplish your security goals and keep your facilities safe for students, faculty and visitors.

Fire Detection

Arson is a leading cause of damage to education facilities. Sonitrol Pacific's early detection and verification capabilities are crucial to preventing serious loss. We offer around-the-clock monitoring of smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems, temperature monitoring and pull stations.

Emergency Notification Buttons

When a crisis happens, it is imperative that help gets there fast. Sonitrol Pacific offers panic buttons to make sure that law enforcement professionals are notified of emergencies, even if a phone is not accessible.

**By Shawn Benefiel, School & Government Agency Security Specialist**

In today’s educational environment, it is imperative for schools to know who is in their building and why. Having multiple open doors at a school facility with no recourse in the event of an incident is a risky proposition for students, staff, and parents. It is critical to have a comprehensive school security system that funnels all entering traffic through check points where a person is present and sign-in required. While signage is great, it will simply not deter someone from taking an incorrect path if a door is unlocked, whether their intent is good or bad.

Sonitrol Pacific’s managed entry systems can be a great asset in making this type of plan a reality with electronically controlled doors that make hard-key or accidentally unlocked doors a thing of the past. Access controlled doors also offer a way to track and monitor all entries into the building during off hours, as well as schedule times for doors to lock or unlock automatically for scheduled events. What this means to our clients is no more paying over-time for someone to manually lock and unlock doors, who may ultimately leave your building unsecured in the end. 

Another important benefit of access controlled doors for schools is the “lock down.” If a reported criminal or criminal event is in your area, Sonitrol Pacific can offer you the ability to lock your school down instantly and keep the bad guys or bad happenings away from your most precious assets…the children!

Sonitrol Pacific has a wealth of experience designing school security systems and monitoring them, so put us to work soon in helping to develop an custom access plan and comprehensive sound security system for your facility. Read more about why a Marysville school district has used Sonitrol Pacific for more than 15 years.