How Secure Is Your School: Security Solutions From Sonitrol Pacific

Chelsea Mitchell Security Resources

**By Shawn Benefiel, School & Government Agency Security Specialist**

In today’s educational environment, it is imperative for schools to know who is in their building and why. Having multiple open doors at a school facility with no recourse in the event of an incident is a risky proposition for students, staff, and parents. It is critical to have a comprehensive school security system that funnels all entering traffic through check points where a person is present and sign-in required. While signage is great, it will simply not deter someone from taking an incorrect path if a door is unlocked, whether their intent is good or bad.

Sonitrol Pacific’s managed entry systems can be a great asset in making this type of plan a reality with electronically controlled doors that make hard-key or accidentally unlocked doors a thing of the past. Access controlled doors also offer a way to track and monitor all entries into the building during off hours, as well as schedule times for doors to lock or unlock automatically for scheduled events. What this means to our clients is no more paying over-time for someone to manually lock and unlock doors, who may ultimately leave your building unsecured in the end. 

Another important benefit of access controlled doors for schools is the “lock down.” If a reported criminal or criminal event is in your area, Sonitrol Pacific can offer you the ability to lock your school down instantly and keep the bad guys or bad happenings away from your most precious assets…the children!

Sonitrol Pacific has a wealth of experience designing school security systems and monitoring them, so put us to work soon in helping to develop an custom access plan and comprehensive sound security system for your facility. Read more about why a Marysville school district has used Sonitrol Pacific for more than 15 years.