School security system seals burglars’ fate

Operator Joe Orsborn

The detection of school burglars by Sonitrol Pacific’s security system resulted in police arresting three suspects June 22.

Tacoma Police responded to Sonitrol Pacific’s call of a burglary in progress at a Tacoma area school a little before 3 a.m., found both main doors ajar and arrested three people suspected of burglarizing the school.

According to the school district’s security guard service, the intruders got into the school through a second story window of the band room.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Joe Orsborn received the initial security system activation.  He heard faint voices when listening to live audio inside the school and called the guard service to investigate.  While the guards were on their way, Orsborn heard loud bangs.  Tacoma Police were called.

Thanks to the early detection by the Sonitrol Pacific security system, the verification of a break-in in progress by Orsborn and the fast response by Tacoma Police, the suspects were caught and losses were kept to a minimum.