School Security System Detects Young Intruders, Ensures Their Return Home

Michelle HoffmanNew operator Michelle Hoffman scored her first apprehension (and ensured that two kids were returned home) over the weekend when she detected two very young intruders at an elementary school in Everett on April 13 at 8 p.m.

school window break-inThe school’s security system first alerted Michelle to the kindergarten hall door. With audio verification, Michelle could hear live audio of two people whispering and laughing. Michelle dispatched PD and reached one of the school’s responders. Officers arrived on site and found two eight or nine-year-old girls going through classrooms. The girls had entered through an unsecured window and were carrying stolen items from the classrooms, including an iPhone, digital camera, school supplies and some food items. All items were recovered and the girls were returned to their parents.

Hopefully the girls learned their lesson at a young age and they’ll have more supervision in the future!