School Intruders No Match for Sonitrol Pacific

Many people feel nostalgia for their high school days. Some people decide to trespass into their old high school late at night. On February 16, at 11:39 p.m., operator Jessica Culver received audio from the gym at an Everett-area public school. Through the school security system’s audio verification panel, she heard voices and doors being opened and closed. Jessica notified the school patrol officer, who was at the other end of the district, and dispatched Everett Police. Officers arrived and surrounded the building. Five college students and one minor were detained. All six were alumni of the school and wanted to have a look around their alma mater. They were cited and released.

Joe Orsborn

Two days later, operator Joe Orsborn received alarm activations from the school’s Sonitrol Pacific security system  at the west entry door of the concession stand at a high school stadium in Pierce County, Wash. He heard voices inside and the sound of things being moved around. Joe dispatched Lakewood PD and the site responder. The police later apprehended five suspected burglars.

Think the suspects were only in it to get the concession stand candy?







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