School Break-In with Big Consequences

Three teens were expelled over the weekend after breaking into a Pierce County, Wash. elementary school. The youth, two girls and a boy, entered through a window and stole school property. They attend school in the same school district as the elementary school and were promptly expelled.

Lora was monitoring accounts in the area when she received audio impact alarms from Room #10 or Room #11. She began hearing multiple juvenile voices and it sounded like they may have broken a window. She called school emergency contacts to notify them and dispatched PD. Continuing to hear juvenile voices, Lora could tell that they were in the building. One of them said: “If you go to jail, I had nothing to do with it,” and one of the kids called another by name, which Lora then gave to the responding officers. It sounded like the kids started running when they heard sirens. According to the updated PD dispatch, officers found the girl who’s name was given and were still searching the building. Two other suspects were caught as well.

Schools face security challenges on many fronts; from vandals, thieves and predators to name a few. Keeping them safe is why we have special experts who focus solely on school security in the Puget Sound.