Underage Drinkers, Mouthy Trespassers Caught at Schools

With the start of the new school year drawing closer every day, some kids seem to be more eager than others to get back in the classroom. Of course, some of those kids are the ones described below, whose illicit activities not only caught the attention of school officials but of law enforcement, too.

Mike YoungFour underage drinkers were busted at a public elementary school in Oregon City after Operator Mike dispatched the Clackamas Co. Sheriff on July 27. Mike received multiple trips from a classroom door and heard male juvenile voices from the school’s audio alarm system. The school’s responder reported that officers took four youths into custody for breaking and entering and underage drinking.

At 2:34 this morning (August 2), Mike received audio activations from a second floor classroom at a public school in University Place, Wash. The activations were followed by several loud banging noises and a shattering sound. Mike dispatched the Pierce Co. Sheriff. The officers searched the building but did not find any damage or a point of entry. Two juvenile males, who reportedly “mouthed off” to the officers and refused to comply,  were apprehended on the property with suspected connection to the incident.