Teens use bat to smash windows, steal candy

Alarm verification expert, Jessica Culver

Two teen girls were caught taking candy and popsicles from a Puget Sound area grade school after Sonitrol Pacific detected their break-in December 30.

Operator Jessica Culver, inside Sonitrol Pacific’s Operations Center, received the security system alert from the school.  She heard glass breaking, sounds of movement and banging noises, and called Redmond Police.  Culver continued to monitor audio of activity inside the school while police were en route.  She could hear more movement and at least one person inside the library.

Officers arrived in about four minutes and surrounded the school.  At this point, Culver heard the sound of running and a voice saying, “go, go!”

Police gave chase and caught two 13-year-old girls.  Both were taken into custody.

According to police, the suspects used a baseball bat to break four windows, climb inside and take candy and popsicles.