Scared at School: When Trespassing Brings Police

Ever had the urge to wander the halls of your alma mater, just for old time’s sake? If it means trespassing, three kids in Everett can tell you from experience that it’s not worth it.

At 8:56 p.m. on July 30, Verification Center operator Jeff LaMont received an alarm on the courtyard doors at an Everett elementary school. Through the verified audio system, he could hear kids yelling and screaming onsite and immediately dispatched the police.  Jeff also called the EVSD School Patrol and advised them of the situation.

When the police arrived onsite they found a group of three kids in the north courtyard area. The police searched the school and found no one inside and no damage to the building.

They took the three children into custody for trespassing and released them to their parents. The report the school district received from the police said the children were very upset, scared, and crying–which means they’ll probably never trespass again!

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