Safety and Security tips for the 4th

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted July 1, 2009

Thanks to John Snaza of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department for these awesome tips.

FIREWORKS: Firework safety is extremely important. Each year, we experience injuries up to and including death as a result of mishandling fireworks and/ or the use of illegal devices. Use only those fireworks known to be “safe and sane” and only use them in accordance with their written directions.
Safety Tips: Use legal fireworks
Discharge in a safe area with water close by
Use outdoors only
Do not re-use or attempt to ignite “duds”
Considerations: Keep pets safe
Be considerate of your neighbors and their pets
Clean up your used fireworks
During the few days leading to and the few days following, there will be violations of these laws. There will also be an increase in the more serious calls for service that law enforcement will be responding to. Reports of injuries will be responded to.

WATER SAFETY: With the warm, sunny days here, it is again time to remember some water safety tips. On a boat, there must be one wearable life jacket on the boat for each person on the boat. These life jackets must be in good condition and fit the wearer properly. On boats under 19′, kids 12 and under must wear their life jacket at all times the boat is underway. This rule applies to all boats, no matter the size, type, or what body of water they are on (rivers included). A good practice is to have young children who have not demonstrated proficient swimming skills wear a life jacket at all times they’re in or around the water. It only takes a moment for someone to slip under the surface of the water, and typically there are no calls for help or splashing to attract attention. All boating accidents must be. So if this happens to you, remember to dial 911, regardless of the severity.