Rummaging detected by audio sensors leads to arrest

Sonitrol Pacific security audio of crashing, rummaging and rifling sounds lead police to arrest one suspected burglar at Acrowood Corporation Warehouse September 4.

Operator Tara Fulmer received an impact-activated audio alert from the warehouse about 10:00 a.m.  Listening, Fulmer heard crashing noises, that could be glass breaking, followed by sounds of movement and called Everett Police.

While officers were en route, Fulmer heard “rummaging” and “rifling” sounds, indicating someone was going through desk drawers in the office.

Police arrived to find the broken window the suspect used to get inside the warehouse.  They waited for the police dog to arrive, then located the intruder.  One woman was taken into custody.

Officers believe the woman was working alone.  Thanks to the quick response by Fulmer and Everett Police, the suspect was caught before anything was taken.

Special “thanks” to the Everett Police Department.

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