Rooftop celebration ends in apprehensions

Sarah Bailey is just one of the experts watching over Sonitrol Pacific's clients.

Trespassers celebrating a birthday on the roof of a Puget Sound area school were caught due to detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system.

Operator Sarah Bailey received an impact-activated audio security alert from the school and heard “loud thunks” and footsteps.  She called the school district’s guard service.

Bailey continued to listen to what was going on at the school and heard smashing sounds.  She updated the guard service and they let her know two security guards were on site and could see four people on the school’s roof.

The kids ran when they saw the security guards, but three were caught.

According to the kids, they were there celebrating the 13th birthday of one of the boys.  The guards detained the kids and released them to the custody of family members.

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