Roller Rink Intrusion Skids to a Halt

Dogs and roller skating rinks don’t usually mix—except when the dogs are police K-9s and the skate rink is the site of a crime. That was the case during a recent break-in at the Everett Skate Deck interrupted by a quick and verified call to the police from Sonitrol Pacific.

At 5:45AM on July 3, Operator Kris Etheridge heard loud banging and movement at one of the rink’s doors. Because of her keen ear for crime, Kris alerted police and called the listed emergency contact, who then gave her the number of another employee better able to respond immediately.

Police arrived with K-9 forces and found a badly damaged door and a surprised man inside.

A Skate Deck employee determined that nothing was missing from the building, but that didn’t get the suspect off the hook—he left the roller rink in police custody.