Robbers claim to be FBI to get inside financial office

By Summer Felker, Sonitrol Pacific Everett Customer Service Representative
Posted June 1, 2009

After receiving a hold up alarm, our operator heard this conversation between an employee and police officers over the audio sensors of one of our financial institution locations.

Two men knocked on the door of the branch just before opening for the day, claiming to be FBI Agents with a badge, briefcase and spiral notebook. They were most definitely not FBI. At gunpoint, they forced the employee to lay on the floor, put her hands behind her back and bound them with zip ties. The intruders removed the surveillance video from the VCR, but touched objects without gloves. The police expect there will be usable prints.

Once the two robbers fled the building, the employee used her feet to trigger the hold up button and sit up. Soon after one of the zip ties broke and she was able to dial 911. She is shaken but otherwise okay.

A not so gentle reminder of the times we currently live in and how important a service it is that we provide!