A wedding window crasher and a payday loan pilferer are caught

What a weekend! Our Verification Center was busy– and it wasn’t because of Black Friday. Our unique business security systems helped catch two criminals between Friday and Monday.

Here’s the scoop:

Audio detection on our business security system and a watchful neighbor helped thwart a bridal store vandal on November 24th at 10 PM. Verification Center operator Jessica Culver received audio alerts from a boutique in Everett caused by loud, sharp bangs and she dispatched police.

Someone at a neighboring business who knew that we provided security services for the shop also called the Verification Center to let us know that a woman was throwing rocks at the business and that they had alerted police. Everett police arrived and took the woman into custody a short distance away from the store.

While there was damage to the window, the woman did not get inside the store and nothing
was stolen.

Maybe this was a case of a Bridezilla gone bad. Really bad. Thankfully, our security services saved the day.

The next day, operator Mike Young, who was recently recognized for his role in 200 apprehensions, made another catch, with the help of audio detection. At 2:15 AM on the 25th, he received audio activations from a “deliberate scraping sound like someone trying to gain entry” at a lending company with a Sonitrol Pacific burglar alarm.

Mike immediately dispatched police and continued to hear scraping and movement sounds—followed by the sound of a drill! Fortunately, he also heard police apprehend the suspect. The emergency contact responded and reported that one person was taken into custody for attempted burglary. Our great technology and security solutions, combined with Mike’s impressive operator skills, meant that the suspect was arrested before gaining entry to the building.

2012 Apprehension Total: 116