Retail Store Security: Are You Prepared for the Worst?

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve solved a problem, only to find out that there are still many things that can go wrong?

Surveillance footage of Parkland jewelry store robbery

A Sonitrol Pacific customer experienced a terrifying armed robbery on Tuesday. Fortunately, no one was physically harmed, but the emotional effects of being bound at gunpoint are surely nothing to scoff at. Cascade Custom Jewelers in Tacoma had many precautionary measures in place to prevent loss, including an access-controlled door, cameras and panic button. Even with all those barriers, two men masquerading as soldiers gained access to the store, threatened the employees, tied them with duct tape and methodically stole merchandise. When the suspects left, the employees were able to press the panic button to alert police and receive quick attention.

Click here to watch video and news coverage from the hold-up.

jewlery store robbery

This story shows that even careful planning isn’t foolproof, but that it still pays to be prepared. With footage from the surveillance cameras, investigators stand a much better change of finding the suspects and preventing a repeat attack. With the panic button, the employees were able to call for help despite having limited use of their hands. It could have easily been the case that the suspects stole the employees’ cell phones or cut the phone lines– which would have left the employees stranded if not for the panic button.

In the end, we are very glad that neither employee was harmed and that they were able to get a fast police response.

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