Protecting More Than the Perimeter: Retail Security Systems

Intruders at our protected facilities gain entry in many ways: windows, doors, fences are only the tip of the iceberg. More than 30% of suspects are apprehended before getting inside, but another 10% are able to find a way in through non-traditional points. Earlier this week, we detected an intruder who found a very passive way to gain entry to a Portland membership discount store: by simply staying inside after closing time.

Joe Orsborn, an Operator in our Verification Center, received alarms on the store’s pharmacy doors just after midnight on March 10. The audio detection panel let Joe hear sirens from the inside of the pharmacy (while Sonitrol Pacific alarms are typically silent, some systems feature sirens depending on the needs of the customer) followed by sharp bangs. Joe notified the store’s emergency contact and dispatched Portland Police. At first, the officers inspected the store perimeter and moved on to other calls after determining that there were no exterior signs of intrusion. However, Joe continued to hear movement inside and dispatched police again. The second time around, the officers entered the facility and found a man inside. The suspect may have fallen asleep inside and woken up to find himself alone in the store. He helped himself to some new clothes, a razor and some beer.

Due to his persistence and attention to the store security system, Joe made sure that the store was secure through the rest of the night.