Vandal detected by audio security

Michael Young, award winning operator, takes care of Sonitrol Pacific clients.

Security audio of voices, bangs and glass breaking detected by Sonitrol Pacific allowed deputies to catch one suspected vandal at a Pierce County recreation center December 11.

Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated audio alert from the Pierce County Sprinkler Recreation Center in Parkland about 12:30 a.m.  Hearing several loud bangs, followed by sounds of glass breaking, Young dispatched Pierce County Deputies.  While officers were on their way, Young heard voices and what sounded like people walking on glass.

Officers responded quickly to Sonitrol Pacific’s verified alarm and were on scene in about five minutes.  They found a broken window and went inside to look for the perpetrator.  Deputies quickly located one person and took her into custody.

Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security systems allow for the earliest possible detection of threats and alarm verification.  Both of these points are crucial to  limiting loss and allowing police to catch suspects.

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