Real Client Experiences with Sonitrol Pacific

Sonitrol Pacific customer experience No one like a braggart, but sometimes it’s hard not to show off rave reviews from our clients. We recently sent out a survey to hold ourselves accountable to giving our clients more than they feel they’re paying for.  Here are some of the responses we are proud to have received:

 “Your customer service is fantastic. We deal with 500-1000 different vendors each month and Sonitrol Pacific ranks first. Your response times are lightning quick and all of your representative are always a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for understanding what good customer service is and executing on it 100% of the time!”

“Response time is outstanding”

“We have used Sonitrol Pacific for several years now and have been very happy with the service.  I have recommended the service to others.”

“The consistent level of service over the years is the best.  Always helpful in answering questions, solving or troubleshooting any issues we may have.  This has built a strong trust.”

“I feel comfortable when I stay late past 10:00pm and you call. I know you are there.”

“We have been very satisfied with Sonitrol Pacific.  Have had the product in our business for over 14 years.  Customer service has always been great, and we have had very few issues with the system itself.  Will continue to use product as well as recommend to others.”

“I am the closest to our office, so I am the one to respond.  When I have had a call, your people are extremely courteous and helpful.  We had a break in that I responded to and the person was still in the office.  Your employee stayed with me on the phone while I waited outside for the police to arrive.  Once the person was arrested, he called me back to let me know that it was safe.  To me this is going above just providing a service to a customer, this is caring.  I have had to answer 3 actual break ins which has been made easier to handle because of your employees.”

“Everyone at Sonitrol Pacific is a professional – from the installers to the salesman to the customer service agents.  They always get the job done.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with your company!”

Positive experiences like these reinforce why we do things the way we do. It would be easier and less expensive to scrimp on quality and customer service, but that would go against everything we’ve worked for 35 years. We are proud of what we do and the way we do it.