Questions to Ask Before Investing in Electronic Security

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communication
Posted November 17, 2008

Advice I give everyone considering an alarm system includes, write your goals, do your research, set your budget and ask lots of questions. However, many people I talk to aren’t sure where to start with their research or what questions to ask. While not all encompassing, this list is a great place to start.

Do you provide 100% protection against any entry?

If an undetected break-in occurs, will protection be provided in that area at no additional charge?

During an alarm, can you provide the police with information other than “We have an alarm”?

Has your system led to any apprehensions within the last 30 days?

If you fail to detect a forced entry, does your company offer a $10,000 performance warranty?

Does your company perform periodic preventative maintenance on the system?

Does your company provide system maintenance or repair at no additional charge for parts and labor?

Can the system be reset from the Central Station without a visit by me to my place of business?

Can this system detect intruders prior to actual forced entry?

Does your company have an established program to reduce false alarms?

Does your Central Station have a working relationship with the local police department?

Do you periodically ask your clients to evaluate your performance?

In addition, I encourage people researching security companies to ask for (and follow up on) references and to talk to local police to learn which alarms they trust as accurate.