Protecting the Power | Break-in at a Tacoma Power Company

Centennial Trail - power lines 01

Ashley was monitoring accounts on Sunday morning in our Verification Center when she received video alarms from the fence at a power company in Tacoma. She could see an individual at the back of the yard prowling between vehicles. As the suspect moved around, Ashley got a better look at him and she could see that he was wearing a brown shirt, dark pants and a ball cap and he was looking into the cargo areas of the work trucks. She dispatched the police, who arrived to the scene and arrested the individual for burglary. The suspect gained entry to the facility by going over the fence. Security for municipal buildings and utility providers is critical for protecting valuable community resources.

This is not the first time we’ve stopped a burglary in progress at a power company — just last fall, there was a string of four arrests over a three week period at a Portland power company.