Promises, passion and pursuing bad guys

After more than five years as the Director of Communications for Sound Security, I am saying goodbye.  I’ve been honored by the opportunity to help shape the organization’s voice, promote our Mission and tell our stories.

Beau and Deb built their company on a foundation of integrity and respect for customers, employees and the communities we serve.  The security devices provided by Sound Security have always been (and always will be) the best, most effective electronic detection  technology available.  This is evident in our early detection and verification of threats to clients.  But it’s the people that are a company’s heartbeat.  And the people here are amazing.

I’ve been fortunate to hold a position in the company that gives me daily interaction with people across all departments and in all branches.  I will miss my team. Their talent and ingenuity never cease to impress me.  I’ve witnessed their inspiring acts of customer service and “doing what is right”, and love to brag about them.

I may be moving to the other side of the world, but the people at Sound Security will never be far from my thoughts.