Prime time crime time

Summertime is prime time crime time

While we always see a jump in criminal activity this time of year, the summer of 2011 is shaping up to be even busier than usual for the verification experts in our monitoring center.

During May, June and July, 108 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers have been caught after a Sonitrol Pacific detection and dispatch.  This is an increase of more than 20 percent from our apprehensions in 2010 for the same months.  For details on individual apprehension events as they happen, subscribe to the RSS feed of our blog.

With the bump in criminal activity during the warm weather, summer is the perfect time to refer a friend or colleague to Sonitrol Pacific for security services and help them protect their business, organization or home.

Through Sonitrol Pacific’s Good Stuff Squared (GS2) program, when you refer a new client to us, we donate $200 in your name to the charitable organization of your choice and give you $200.  Or, if you prefer, we can donate the whole $400.  Talk to your Customer Service Representative or Security Consultant for complete details.

Kerry Goodwin

Staying ahead of alarm codes

Kerry Goodwin, Sonitrol Pacific Puget Sound Director of Schools, will be a featured speaker at the Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators (WAMOA) fall conference in Yakima.

Kerry will offer tips to conference attendees for keeping their electronic security systems ahead of the  verified response and enhanced call verification trends.  At a time of shrinking budgets and scarce police resources, these alarm codes are growing in popularity to confront the high cost of false burglar alarms.

By being proactive, businesses and organizations can be part of the solution for false burglar alarms.

Kerry has created his program specifically for the WAMOA audience, but we recognize this is valuable information and would be happy to share it with more people in the community.  If you would like to have a member of the Sonitrol Pacific team share these tactics with your association or networking group, let your customer service representative or security consultant know and we’ll connect you with an expert.

Intrusion News: Lunch-n-learn with experts

Want your lunchtime to be productive time?  We can help you with that.

One of Sonitrol Pacific’s security experts can join your team, association or networking group for an overview of basic electronic security principles.

Architects, electrical engineers, specifiers, owners and other design professionals in the commercial and residential markets will benefit from our AIA/CES program.

This program explains the use and application of three areas in the electronic security field:
• Intrusion detection
• Access control
• Video surveillance & security cameras

At the end of the session, participants will understand the basic components utilized in each of the areas and their importance.  This program introduces basic concepts and no prerequisite learning is necessary for participation.

Call Pamela Singleton-Ratcliff at 503.223.5822 or 1.800.934.9304 to schedule your lunch and learn.

Eye on Video: Preventive surveillance maintenance

Just like your car needs routine maintenance and regular oil changes, your security cameras need routine preventive care.

As a part of our SonaVision Commitment to Service, we provide surveillance system “tune ups” at no charge to ensure our systems continue to deliver complete security.

This preventive maintenance visit is done by one of our expert technicians and includes:
• Assessment of Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
• Evaluate and test network
• Check, clean and refocus cameras
• Update surveillance system schematic with facility layout and use changes

If your SonaVision system needs a tune up, please call your Sonitrol Pacific customer service representative.

Fire Watch: Confident confidence testing

A fire can inflict a devastating blow.  Beyond the risk of property losses, a fire comes with the real potential for injury or loss of life.  Partnering with experts for fire detection system service and monitoring is vital.

The International Fire Code requires building owners to maintain their fire systems in good working condition and test them regularly.  These periodic tests of a fire system are called confidence tests.

Confidence tests ensure a fire detection system is working as designed and protecting a building and the people in it.

These tests are the responsibility of the building owner.   Annual and five-year confidence tests need to be completed by certified technicians and without notification or reminding by municipal authorities.

Unfortunately, with all the time dedicated to the day-to-day running of a business, it can be easy for an organization to fall out of compliance.

Fortunately, you can contact us and we’ll connect you with the professionals who will take care of you.

Bailey named Employee of Q3

Operator Sarah Bailey

Operator Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey earned our Employee of the Quarter award for the first quarter of 2011 due to her professionalism, helpfulness and enthusiasm.

“She asks intelligent, thoughtful questions and is able to comprehend the answers and put them in a package that gives her the bigger picture,” said Barbara Hamlin, Portland Director of Customer Service.  “She inherently knows the value of the big picture and takes her work to that level.”

Sarah’s thirst for knowledge is one of her most valued attributes.  She loves to learn and does so quickly.  Her decision to grow and be well-informed ensures better service to our clients.  Sarah is responsive to the needs of teammates and customers and communicates effectively what she is doing to help them with their requests.

“I thank you not only for your professional attitude, good service, and being attentive to our needs, but also for your kind and enthusiastic manner,” wrote Steve Hale of Barklen, LLC/Watch TV.

The Sound Security Board of Directors thanked Sarah for her uncompromising work ethic, excellent attitude, helpfulness and politeness.  Her professionalism challenges others to be better, taking everyone around her to a higher place.

Sarah is now eligible to win our Employee of the Year award.

MacKenzie named Employee of Q2

Mattie MacKenzie

Members of the Sound Security team consistently go above and beyond to support each other.  Mattie MacKenzie exemplifies this teamwork and the Sound Security Board of Directors named her our May Employee of the Month and our Employee of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2011.

In October 2010, Mattie’s Human Resource duties were expanded significantly.  Since then, many throughout the organization have noticed her enthusiasm in the role.

“Mattie has found her footing in the HR role and it is giving her a whole new direction, challenge and commitment to the job,” said Jim Dopp, General Manager of Portland and Vice President of Finance.

This enthusiasm and attitude proved to be valuable in May when we introduced the new H.S.A. employee benefit to the team.  This new benefit option was introduced to Mattie at the beginning of May to research after three months of time had already been invested in working with our benefit broker on the renewal of healthcare benefits.  She didn’t hesitate and rose to the challenge.

The Board wanted to recognize Mattie for her positive “can-do” attitude and commitment to the success and well-being of fellow team members.  These attributes make her a great asset to the company.

Employees of the Month

The Sound Security Board of Directors named Todd Brodigan, Cynthia Burr and Kelly Perry the Employees of the Month for March, April and June, respectively.

Todd Brodigan

Todd Brodigan is a model Sonitrol Pacific Technician.  From the clean, crisp appearance of his uniform to the immaculate condition of his vehicle, Todd communicates to the community “I am proud of what I do”.

Cindy Burr

Cynthia Burr is that rare individual who brings positive energy and a smile every time she enters a room.   She also produces excellent work and looks for training opportunities.  While we appreciate the work she does, what we value most about Cindy is the person she is.  We enjoy her joyful personality and the integrity she brings to the office every day.

Kelly Perry is the epitome of a “glass half full” person.  He was named the Employee of the Month for June in recognition of his positive, go-get-‘em attitude, dedication to his work and excellent technical skills.

Kelly Perry

“Each time I have spoken with him recently he has such a positive ‘can do’ attitude and I can hear it in his comments,” said Wayne Ohlemeier, Chief Technical Officer.  “I am sure this is also heard by our clients and reflects well on Kelly and Sound Security.”

We celebrate all our award winning employees and thank them for their excellence.