Preventing False Alarms

No one likes false alarms. They can be embarrassing and frightening for users and burdensome to law enforcement agencies and alarm providers. If you currently have a Sonitrol Pacific alarm system, here are some ways you can cut your risks for false alarms.

What causes false alarms?

70% of false alarms are caused by user error.  Be sure to train anyone who may be using your system, such as children, neighbors, janitors or real estate agents.  Sonitrol Pacific offers free training as long as we monitor your system.  Make sure special arrangements are made for guests, repair technicians and contractors.

Other causes include:

  • Noise sources
  • Open, unlocked or loose fitting doors and windows
  • *Drafts that move plants and curtains
  • *Wandering pets
  • *Banners/signs
  • *Helium filled balloons

*applies only to systems with motion sensors

Preventing False Alarms Be sure to contact Sonitrol Pacific if you…

  • Hire new employees
  • Hire domestic or temp help
  • Get a pet
  • Plan to sell your business/home
  • Test your system
  • Change remote panic batteries
  • Replace monitored doors/windows
  • Have changes in phone service

Be prepared!

Rehearse alarm cancellation with anyone who might use your system.

Make sure that anyone with a key to your facility/home knows how to operate your system.

Tell all users whom to call if the alarm activates.

Keep your system instructions and phone number handy.

Call Sonitrol Pacific to cancel all alarms that don’t need emergency response.

Your community’s police officers and fire fighters are ready to help when your system calls, but they need your help to prevent false alarms!

Have phone numbers ready in case of a false alarm.

Police Department: 9-1-1

Fire Department:  9-1-1

SONITROL PACIFIC:  1-800-898-1899