Portland Managed Access Control Systems: What Is Slipping Through the Cracks?

**By Adam Prenguber, Portland Security Consultant**

I was talking recently with a property manager who manages about a dozen multiple occupant commercial buildings in the Portland area. Each building has similar challenges when it comes to securing the building, especially in terms of access control (also called keyless entry). One common concern is finding the most economical way to grant access to the tenants in the building as well as monitor their comings and goings when appropriate. Keeping unauthorized people out is also a major concern.  The property manager let me know that every time a tenant adds or deletes a user, he has to make a trip all the way out to that building with his laptop and plug into the business’ access control panel, go though the entire user list and make the necessary change.  He also has to do update every single user twice a year this for each building he manages to account for daylight savings time.  In his estimation, managed access control changes and issues consume about 10 hours of his time per week – and he even admitted that necessary changes to user permissions sometimes slip through the cracks.

I was so happy that I was able to help him out with Sonitrol Pacific managed access control systems.  With Sonitrol Pacific, all changes can be made remotely with a call or email to our Verification Center.  No trips to the building across town, just a simple call and everything is taken care of.  If you are interested in finding out how your Portland business could benefit from a managed access control system, please give me a call to see how much time and money it will save you.