Portable Classroom Security System Snares Burglars

Just after 3 a.m. this morning, cool-headed Kris Etheridge in our Verification Center received an alarm on a portable classroom door at a public elementary school in Lakewood, Wash. She heard movement and muffled voices followed by an alarm on two more doors. Kris dispatched Lakewood Police. The dispatch reported that as the officers approached the school, they saw the suspects running away. The police did catch up with the suspects, fortunately, and made six arrests (four adults, two juveniles). The perps attempted to steal seven laptops, two cameras and one set of headphones. The doors have since been repaired and all stolen property has been returned.

Modular, temporary, portable– whatever you call it, it needs security.

Providing comprehensive security systems for portable classrooms can be tricky due to outdoor locations and frequent moves. Sonitrol Pacific works with nearly 500 schools in Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Boise and Everett to make sure that every school building, including portables and administrative offices, are as secure as possible. As this apprehension proves, having verified audio detection can truly make the difference between a burglary and an attempt.

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