Police Win 1-0 in Stadium Apprehension

Our Puget Sound Schools Specialist recently wrote a blog about putting security systems in stadiums. Little did we know how timely that post would be!


Minta Christopherson, an operator in the Verification Center, dispatched the Tacoma School Patrol just before 2 a.m. last night after receiving audio detection from a window at a Tacoma high school stadium. With this school security system, Minta was able to hear odd scraping and tapping noises from the stadium’s TV/radio room. She noted that in addition to being suspicious because of the time of night and nature of the sound, this audio was very unusual for the location. When she began hearing some definite movement through the Sonitrol Pacific verified audio intrusion system, she updated the Patrol contact. She later received an alarm on the TV/radio room door and heard police enter with K-9 forces.

Tacoma police apprehended a man for a break in and theft. They took him into custody at the school he had entered by prying out the window. The K-9 found him hiding in the stairwell with a bag full of stolen items from the building.

The stolen items were recovered upon the man’s arrest and fortunately, no damage was reported other than the window.