Police Stop Pot Shop Pilfering


Do you think the stolen pot brownies were for resale or to celebrate after the burglary?

Kris, an Operator in our Verification Center, received crashing sounds of breaking glass and voices at 420 Club/Mile High Green Magic in Tacoma at 3:30 this morning. She dispatched Tacoma PD and continued hearing lots of movement, followed by more alarm activity. The suspects kicked in the front door and then ran away to see if anything happened with the alarm (a common burglar strategy). Our verified alarm system is silent, so they didn’t hear a siren and assumed that the business did not have security. They entered the building and dumped out the garbage bins to pull the trash bags out of them. They then loaded up on merchandise and stole a laptop. While they were inside, the police surrounded the building. When the suspects walked out, the police apprehended three of the four (the fourth was able to run away).  45g of marijuana, two pot brownies and various infused products were recovered along with the laptop.

We protect a number of similar businesses throughout the Puget Sound, so it’s especially exciting to see all of the stolen goods recovered and all but one of the suspects caught.