Police knew Sonitrol Pacific wouldn’t let serial burglar “slip away”, We Catch ‘Em

A man suspected in a series of at least three Gig Harbor burglaries was caught in the act of burglarizing a restaurant after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in May 7.

Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver received the silent alarm signal from the restaurant about 3 a.m.  She heard a loud rush of air and called Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Deputies responded in minutes and located a broken window.  One deputy crawled inside to search the restaurant and another canvassed the immediate area.  The second deputy found an injured man bleeding.  After questioning, the man admitted to burglarizing the restaurant and was arrested.  Security video of the incident was turned over to law enforcement for evidence.

The restaurant owner praised Culver and Sonitrol Pacific.  Deputies told her they “love Sonitrol”.

The man was wanted for three other incidents of breaking and entering in the preceding days and the police chief said no other company was able to catch him, but he knew Sonitrol Pacific wouldn’t let him slip away.