Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Update

What is POTS?

Plain Old Telephone Service (aka POTS) is the legacy analog copper phone line previously used in communication systems including fire detection, burglary alarms, gate entry systems and a range of business integrations. The technology used by non-POTS phone lines can prevent alarm signals from effectively communicating. Today’s technology utilizes Internet Protocol backed up by a cellular network.

Why is POTS going away?

In 2019, the FCC issued an order mandating that all POTS lines in the U.S. be replaced by August 2, 2022. Major carriers are moving toward shutting down POTS networks. Now is the time for systems with updated communications protocols. Faced with the reality of disappearing copper lines and rising monthly charges, the time to act is now.

How does the POTS retirement affect your system?

Many carriers are on a path to drop POTS phone lines. Service rates for remaining POTS users are rising dramatically as providers are forced to support their remaining POTS infrastructure from a smaller pool of customers. According to the Bureau of Labor, POTS charge rates increased 36% since 2010, even as mobile phone rates have declined.

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