Phone Tree vs. Real Security

**By Jeff Geiger, Portland Sales Manager**

When considering a security system, you must first understand the difference between a company that offers just an alarm point and a company that offers verified security. An alarm point company is going to sell you a motion sensor. [watch Myth Busters beat a motion sensor] When that motion sensor is activated, the person monitoring on the other end of the device has no way of know what is happening on site, so they have to start a phone tree to get someone to go out to the property and verify what has happened. That phone tree is time-consuming, irritating, and potentially dangerous.

Sonitrol Pacific offers verified security. We use audio devices that detect intrusion upon impact or from loud sounds. This gives our Verification Team the ability to listen in at your location and hear what is happening. If there is no evidence of intrusion we can simply reset your system without disturbing you. If we hear threatening sounds, we dispatch the police directly, giving us the ability to have police respond within minutes. For verified peace of mind, purchase the right system first.

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