People are talking

Every member of the Sonitrol Pacific team works every day to meet our Mission and promise to our clients and we love to share the feedback our clients give us.  Here are just a few recent compliments from clients:
Customer Commendation from Kirk Keppler of Wyatt’s Jewelry for Eric Bullis:  “Eric is a great guy.”   Eric is going above and beyond to take care of this customer.
Customer Commendation from Brian with Compass Health for Minta Christopherson:  He wanted to thank Minta for the extra effort she put in to make sure someone responded to a broken sprinkler head at their Marysville location.  The fire department was having trouble locating a responder, and although we don’t monitor their fire here, Minta paged Brian who was on-call at the time.
Customer Commendation from Jerome of Performance Marine for Minta Christopherson:  Thanks for a great job on dispatching and patience while Jerome tried to wake himself up and understand why you were calling.
Customer Commendation from Performance Marine for Keith Hart:  Thank you for the quick response in getting temporary contacts on their doors so they were able to arm their system after an attempted break in.
Customer Commendation from Rick Hayes of Alfy’s Pizza in north Everett for Jeff LaMont:  Jeff provided excellent customer service while working on a programming issue; “I know good customer service when I experience it.”
Customer Commendation from Michael Mauk at Barrier Motors for Matt Moran:  Michael praised Matt’s quality of service and professionalism and said Matt has always gone above and beyond for them.
Customer Commendation from Leone Kardkay for Denise Smith and Kari Greene:  “I also want to add that during this process, I also interacted with Denise and Kari Greene and they were both very professional and responsive.  I felt that we were your only customers during this trying time for us. Thank you for employing such high caliber and quality employees.”
Customer Commendation from Leone Kardarkay for Stan Golyaka:  She called for a second time (first time was after hours on Friday) to let us know the great job Stan did working with her and Comcast to get her system back on line.  She was impressed with his technical knowledge, his professional appearance, and the way he took care to not make a mess.  More important than anything else, she loved his communication. He explained to her what was wrong, how it would be fixed and he worked closely with the fifth Comcast guy to show up.  The Comcast guy was from their senior management staff and he too was impressed with Stan and Sonitrol Pacific.
Customer Commendation from Mary at Bradley-Angle House for Scott Stevanus, Travis Blake, Todd Brodigan:  Mary pulled Pamela aside at an event to tell her how much she appreciated Sonitrol Pacific, particularly the sensitivity and flexibility demonstrated by technicians during their installations.
Customer Commendation from John Robideau at HJ Mini Mart for Kelly Perry:  “Kelly makes your company shine … he was fantastic.  He treated us the same way we treat own customers and I like to think our customers receive the best service possible.”  John could not say enough about Kelly including his impeccable work ethic.
Customer Commendation from Preferred Community Homes for Jeff Walter:  The customer told Bill Lewis and Joe Bullis that Jeff’s installation job was done very well and he is neat and clean.