Partner, Definitely Partner

By Pamela Singleton, Director of Communications
Posted August 19, 2008

At last week’s training session, Kerry Goodwin, Sonitrol Pacific’s Puget Sound Director of Schools, said, “I’m not there to sell people anything. I’m a problem solver. I help people find solutions to the problems they are having.” And it’s true. Our security consultants are trained to help people find security solutions, not sell them technology that sounds cool, but doesn’t fit a given application.

I had the tape of Kerry’s voice playing in my head yesterday when I read Millie Olson’s post “Are You a Partner or a Vendor” and it reinforced for me the value of Sonitrol Pacific’s partnership with out clients.

1. We work with people to find the solutions that meet their needs, solve their problems.
2. We don’t have a fear of commitment. Installing a Sonitrol Pacific intrusion system or managed access control or SonaVision video surveillance or fire monitoring is only the beginning of our commitment to clients. Our Customer Service Representatives and Service Technicians take care of clients on an ongoing basis.
3. Our clients understand our technology is unique and allow us to help them keep it working optimally. This may take the form of preventive maintenance or refresher training, or it may be system moves or technology upgrades.
4. We know we aren’t perfect, and so do our clients. However, when something unexpected happens, we make it right.