Parkrose School District: We Strongly Recommend Sonitrol Pacific

A letter from Scott Wood at Parkrose School District.


“Parkrose School District has been using Sonitrol Pacific for our security company for many years. I started my position as Facilities Supervisor four years ago and have been very happy with the service that we have received from Sonitrol. Sonitrol monitors our fire panel and security alarms in all of our buildings. Their quick response to many situations has enabled us to prevent or stop further damage to our buidlings. We have had good success in apprehending intruders at our sites when break-ins have occured.

We also have had Sonitrol install multiple camera systems in all of our buildings. The cameras have helped us lower the incidence of vandalism and break-ins at all sites. They service the cameras and are quick to respond when problems arise.

I strongly recommend Sonitrol as a quality company to help you with your security needs. If you have any questions please feel free to call me.”

Scott Wood
Parkrose School District
Facilities/Maintenance Supervisor