Owens & Minor: Sonitrol Pacific gives peace of mind

Getting a phone call in the middle of the night to learn police just arrested someone breaking into your business or school can be a jarring experience.  Our operators work hard to help keep clients calm when they make these calls.  Here’s one client’s account of how we “kept her calm in a very stressful situation” and that knowing they’re protected by Sonitrol pacific gives her “peace of mind.”

To any concerned,

In the first part of 2010 Owens & Minor began planning our relocation.  Sonitrol Pacific was a vital part of that plan.  As our existing security and access vendor Sonitrol Pacific worked closely with us to make our move as smooth as possible which included securing both the old location and new location at the same time while we still had equipment and supplies in both places.  With new location new procedures new equipment, of course there were a few bugs in the system after the move but the Sonitrol Pacific team addressed every issue and over time everything was worked out.

Our building has unique needs with multiple shifts, shared common area and corporate visitors from our of town, Sonitrol Pacific designed our system to accommodate all of our special needs.  They take the worry out of access control management.  When an access change is required, I request the change by phone or email and it is completed a few minutes later.  When there is a problem or question about our Security or Access control, I can call and immediately get help from my account manager or someone in the local verification center.

Knowing that our building is protected by Sonitrol Pacific gives me peace of mind.  A few months ago our janitorial company accessed our building as they normally would by they were able to gain entrance into a restricted area.  To get right to the end of the story, a friend of the janitor used her access card and gained unauthorized entrance.  Sonitrol Pacific was able to notify me and send the police.  The Sonitrol customer service representative was able to remain on the line with me until the police got there and apprehended the suspect.  They kept me calm in a very stressful situation.

I would absolutely recommend Sonitrol Pacific for Intrusion and Access Control.

Best regards,
Sara Farthing
Office Manager
Owens & Minor, Sumner WA