Outdoor Security in Everett Catches Gas Thieves

KrisEtheridge2008Not long after midnight last night, Operator Kris Etheridge was notified of suspicious activity at a window and glass work company in Everett. Thanks to the motion viewers installed in the business’ parking area, Kris could see a figure crouching behind a large object. She dispatched Everett PD and notified the business contacts. Once the cops arrived, Kris could see them searching the area. One suspect was caught stealing gas from a truck and two more suspects were arrested on the property as well.

Outdoor securityVideo verification is a great security option for outdoor areas like parking lots and yards. We use special technology that sends a short video clip to our Verification Center when a motion sensor is activated, which allows our experts (like Kris) to determine if there is a threat or not. As you might imagine, false alarms can be pretty high in outdoor areas with motion detectors, with birds, bugs and cars causing multiple trips. After an arrest, the video footage can also be helpful for police and in pressing charges and identifying suspects.